What the hell am I going to write about lollipop?

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

Today’s daily prompt is lollipop. There is only one thought that came in my mind when I saw that the daily prompt was lollipop, “Shit. I never ate a lollipop in my life, what would I write about it?” but I guess writing about the fact that I never ate a lollipop is better than getting stuck with a writer’s block. Oh my god, can you believe it if a topic like lollipop ends up throwing you into a writer’s block. God, the humiliation.

As I am writing this, I just cannot hide the stupid grin that has overtaken my face. I guess, finally I’m enjoying writing prompts. See, even now, lollipops are doing their work, bringing a smile, even on an adult’s face.

And before you debate it in your mind, whether I was weird as a kid or not, let me help you out, “I was.” There, it’s out in the open. I, Nitesh Mishra, was a weird kid for not eating a lollipop.

I, Nitesh Mishra, am now a weird adult. In a time, when boys my age are busy chasing girls, building muscles, posing for selfies on their Royal Enfield Bullet 500, I end up either sketching, writing or working with chemicals (After all, I’m a PhD scholar). When you talk about travelling most people, adult or not, end up being unbelievably happy. Not me. The entire concept of travelling to feel a rush, to ignore your life, your reality, even for an ephemeral moment is something I’ve no ephemeral interest in.

I feel equally happy when I sketch, when I write. Now someone will say, “dude even you sketch landscapes, you write about your daily commute, then how can you say you do not like travelling?” Because I can, it’s as simple as that. I do not like travelling because all that I need to satisfy my need of self-worth, my acceptance is in my close vicinity. I have my life, I have my creativity, I have my views, and I have my beliefs (Even atheism is a belief). And I would not trade any of it for anything you can label as normal.

Strange, how I ended up coming from lollipops to full blown stigma of social acceptance.

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