Ostentatious Words

via Daily Prompt: Edible


Ostentatious words. They are the edibles which we end up feeding our readers.

My journey, this beautiful tale, simply started with one sentence, “I want to write.” Was there anything overly complicated about that? Did I really needed to quote few great authors and explain their mind-set before I said that one simple line?

If I would have quoted Hemingway, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at the typewriter and bleed,” would that have made my point stronger?

Couldn’t it really be as simple as saying, “I want to write?”

Show. Don’t tell.

I’ll bet you, you go through any writing tips blogs and this particular one would be there.

Show. Don’t tell.

You tell me, how am I supposed to show the joy I feel when I paint? How am I supposed to explain the pain and frustration of a bad sketch? Emotions are entirely subjective. They need context. You possibly couldn’t understand the way my brain circuitry works. The way I associate memories with words are different, the way I perceive colors, the way I perceive the world around me.

Sadly, writing isn’t an art, it’s a craft. Arts are spontaneous, they’re soothing and at times, they are obsessional.

I guess, in the end, even art is subjective.


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