Lullabies of the faded day

My indifferent one, my heart’s companion, I write these words for you, a memoir of a madman, lullabies of the faded day, hoping, perhaps in these words, you will find the will to walk.

Lies are much darker, truths are more confused. These are the confessions of a convoluted mind, stripped of any shade of gray, any shade of lies.

A wound confused, dazzled, seeking you. For today in name of love, I need you to believe, it hurts to tell you this.

For often, these terrible silences, these confusions, these illusions, but deep inside, an unsure scream, discomforted by sorrows of fearsome nights.

Perhaps within my heart, O indifferent one, again and again I die a little.

Shattered and scattered, like the first ray of twilight.


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