Few Colored Sketches

So this one was a little experiment. And to quote Lars Ulrich, the day you stop experimenting, you should just die. Well I’ve no interest in dying right now, so for Lars’s sake, let me experiment.

As you might have learned from previous posts, I generally prefer pen and ink sketches. Contrast that black and white offers to my images is something I’m not able to emulate with my color works. Anyways, these are certain sketches I did using color pencils and water-soluble color pencils (Luckily, they didn’t turned out so bad).



There is one thought in my head I need to throw out, “It is OK to draw mediocre art, there is nothing wrong with that and it actually ends up being our learning curve.”

OK, there is still one black and white sketch (My rules). Maybe one day I’ll end up writing some commentary for all these sketches.


Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Do take some time to share your thoughts.


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