Why do I sketch or what is in a drawing?

There is a general misconception that drawing is a skill we are born with. Believe me, drawing isn’t so elusive. With time and dedication, anyone can learn to draw. There is no such thing as good or bad drawing. There is only drawing. And there is only creativity.

For me, creativity is often an impulsive and spontaneous reaction. It is my alternative for adrenaline. Though it is spontaneous, it doesn’t means that it’s not hard work. Even the random fifteen minutes of writing takes up a build-up of two or three days. To keep all those thoughts in one tidy little corner of my brain ends up being more hectic than writing for two continuous days, though that is something I might not be able to do anytime soon.

Sketches are often the framework on which great masterpieces are based. For quite a while now, sketching has been a tool to express my deepest thoughts. It doesn’t seems that way but every line, every stroke of a pen tells the mood of the person who created an artwork. So often, sketches done while you are angry end up being very scribbly and incoherent too. When you want to create a neat looking outline for a piece you are working on, you end up calming your nerves and then even that shows up in your final work.

I think, I’ve made my point clear. No matter how you feel, there is a way to show it in few random marks etched on a piece of paper.

Why I prefer black and white sketches

Black on white is the simplest and in its primitive form, one of the most invigorating ways of artistic expression. Maybe the fact that pencils are the easiest and most commonly available tools have their own merit too. I guess, if I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, I might have ended up making the same argument for watercolor on canvas.

These are the reasons why I started drawing.

Allow me to express thoughts I find difficult in expressing by words.

For example, insanity, depression, pessimism.



Helps me appreciate the importance of time, focuses my mind and helps me from getting easily distracted.

While I sketch, I absorb myself completely in the moment and in this age of digitization that is one of the best luxury, taking a time-out.


Works as a journal.

I find it very difficult to keep a diary but my sketches pretty much end up having the same function as a little note on a piece of paper. A visual journal and if you ask, it’s way better than a normal journal. Here area couple of sketches I specifically remember why I drew. It gives me a unique voice and a unique perspective. On occasion, it further strengthens a written message.


Drawing gives depth to trivial things

Drawing a simple coffee mug ends up being a invigorating session with your mind, something which works better or atleast equal to a good cup of coffee. Drawing a street sign while you were waiting for the next bus ends up giving you a new look at your surroundings. You end up noticing things you never did before.



And if all these reasons fail me, then sketching at-least develops my drawing skill.


If you are a bit shy, sometimes sketches can help initiate a conversation too (you know what I am talking about).


Some Stories are better left unfinished.


12 thoughts on “Why Do I Sketch

  1. Man, really enjoy your sketches!
    Not to mention high-quality writing on your part, very intelligent and thought-provoking read all-around!

    Point-blank question time: would you mind if I take your sketch of mountains within the dashed upside-down triangle and use it as my Gravatar profile picture?

    I’ll give credit where credit is due, no worries on that front. I’ll provide a link to your blog in my “About” page.

    I will set it as my profile pic for the time being. Should you have any objections to that bastardly low act of mine, then let me know and I’ll remove it at once.

    Your blog really needs more followers. You deserve them. I mean it the way it sounds.

    One way to go about that would be writing more clear and Reader-friendly tags (yes, Reader is king on wordpress.com):

    “urban sketching” “Why to sketch” are a bit hefty. Instead try and use single words, like I don’t know, sketching, pencil, b&w, urban, motivation… Whatever floats your boat, just make sure you use one word per tag. Believe me, your stats should show a surge, given the quality of your content.


    1. Thanks a lot for the praise Ilya. I enjoyed your haikus too, though do not mind but I still lack the skills to write haikus, so I might not be the best judge of that.
      I’ll take your suggestions into consideration and in future blogs, I’ll use single word tags.
      Once again, Thanks for all the kind words. It means a lot, considering the fact that I’ve been writing for roughly two years and I somehow managed the courage to post them only now. You’ll agree that the positive comments are the only things that inspire us to write more.
      You do have my permission to use the sketch and if you need to use the others, you don’t have to ask. Just give me due credit.
      Hopefully, we’ll share few more instigating conversations in the future.

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  2. Sketching is another form of expressing a persons thoughts on paper; visual expression can imprint on the viewer’s memory more than words, depending on how it’s read

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  3. This is about so much more than sketching. This was a truly great article because you provided not just an insight of your motivations, and the meanings this has for you; you shared the essence, the wisdom of how to live mindfully and find joy and calm the way it can be for all – if they just put away the distractions , the meaningless clutter. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I can come up with an elegantly stitched reply for your beautiful comment but then, where would be the simplicity in that, how would I live in the moment then. Thank you, someone commented on this after a long time. Let’s try to sort out some unnecessary clutter. 🙂 🙂

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