Diary of a Madman

Like a first speech of a winning politician, apparently even a blog post is supposed to be full of lies, statements that will make the person reading it like me a little bit more.

So I wonder, should I use few lies here and there? We’ll see.

Before we start, let’s establish few facts.

  1. I’m not a published writer.
  2. There aren’t any museum walls filled my artwork either.

Now that those two facts are clear, let’s start. Before we begin let me at least show you I can sketch. And maybe after you are done with this, you’ll end up believing I can write too.

Cliff Burton #1

Cliff Burton #1 (Pen & Ink)

Heisenberg #1

Heisenberg #1 (Pen & ink)

James Hetfield #1

James Hetfield #1 (Pen & Ink)

Light House #1

Light House #1 (Pen & Ink)

The Eye #1

The Eye #1 (Pen & Ink)

Whatever words I say here might make some sense to certain people because after all what works for me might not work for you. It is my blog, these are my words and if you like them, we’ll end up learning a few things about each other. My silent friend, I’m Nitesh Mishra and I like to believe that creativity is in my blood.

I have been sketching on and off for almost seven years but I had never been as productive as last eight months. As a retrospection, I drew, or made, some 50 artworks in almost six years and, get ready for it, a staggering 150 odd sketches in last eight months. Now you might ask, how did this transformation occurred?

It was pretty simple actually. I took the whole, “New Year Resolution” thing kind of extra seriously. My New Year resolution was pretty simple, “One creative thing every day.” Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy work. After all, taking few hours out of my already hectic academic schedule was the reason I used to draw sporadically.

I’m a PhD scholar now. Apparently, labouring for ten continuous hours end up making you wish for something significant, something other than p-values (that was a bad inside joke), and something more satisfying. Now, research, that’s my life-long dream, my greatest ambition I might say. Maybe someday, few kids might end up saying, Dr. Nitesh Mishra, one of the best immunologist we know.

Interestingly joining All India Institute of Medical Science as a PhD scholar in Biochemistry was a blessing in disguise for my creative identity. A little background, in addition to drawing I can write a little bit too (Maybe I might end up posting some of that someday). I do not abhor the time I spend in our laboratory. I enjoy it just too much to feel anything else. It just ended up making me more productive, I exactly don’t remember the stages in which it happened (maybe we’ll have some flashbacks somewhere down the line). But the newfound freedom of being an independent researcher {Alright, a semi-independent researcher (again, an inside joke)} did some wonderful things for me, for starters it instigated a need for extra hobbies, now I used to write little broken eclectic thoughts here and there, my new primal need ended up making me merge all of that in one coherent line. Alright, I guess I got carried away a little bit there (Sorry, I just cannot stop showing off, see I can write).

OK, what do I want this blog to be? As I am writing this, I have no idea. Maybe time will tell. Maybe you, my silent friend, will tell me, but then you won’t be the silent one anymore.

29 thoughts on “Diary of a Madman

  1. I am awestruck with the details in the sketches, I mean the dots and curves are so in perfection that they look real photographs….. loved it….. your portraits are definitely an inspiration for me.


  2. “my new primal need ended up making me merge all of that in one coherent line.”

    As a person just before the merge, I’ll take reading this blog post as a sign that will happen too for me, for others.


      1. There is nothing wrong with grid method, tracing or doodling. Creativity should not be constructed by rules. If you have to, trace using a light box but do not limit your creativity, do not limit your expression.

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  3. I tried visiting this blog a few times but maybe it was my iPad or wifi, it kept dancing around. I love these sketches and then the Eye appeared. Gorgeous. I love people’s eyes, first thing I notice in others, even in animals. Cool drawings.

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  4. Reblogged this on Sketches By Nitesh and commented:

    Just read my very first blog post today and God, I cannot believe I wrote “I’ll post some of my writing on this blog too.” Shit, I’m laughing so hard right now. Almost two months, a completely finished manuscript, atleast the first draft, 165 posts, and hundreds of followers. And I said I’ll post few of writings. It seems as if I’ve been blogging my entire life but it has only been forty five days. Wow, I feel so content right now.


  5. Ok ok.. first of all i need a glass of water before i faint or something.
    Dude!! You are an amazing writer and artist. I really enjoy your posts ( except that love story episodes just because i cant read/watch anything woth episodes).
    And now science???? Seriously??? What are you??

    And immunology phd?? I have autoimmune .. DO SOMETHING!!

    i am impressed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate you as a reader. Though I would have really loved if you’d read “A Love Story” But it’s alright, we all have our personal preferences. 🙂


      2. I tried to read a few episodes i actually did. But i have this problem i cant follow episodes of anything at all. I dont even watch tv. People think i am crazy but thats how it is i watch movies and done!!!

        I m sure it must be amazing work just like your other posts. The problem is with me.

        Liked by 1 person

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